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COVID-19 infection preventative measures

To ensure that our guests enjoy a safe and comfortable stay,
we have put in place preventative measures to reinforce hygiene control and prevent the spread of COVID-19 based on announcements and instructions issued
by the government and the relevant departments.

Reinforcement of hygiene control

  • 1. We are measuring the body temperature and verifying the identity of people entering the hotel.

  • 2. All hotel staff are wearing masks.

  • 3. Places/surfaces throughout the hotel (lobby, lounge, elevator, cart, and handrails) that are handled by the public are sanitized regularly.

  • 4. Surfaces frequently touched by guests are thoroughly sanitized with alcohol when cleaning the room.

  • 5. Alcohol-based hand sanitizer is placed in many locations throughout the hotel for guests to apply when using the facilities.

  • 6. Guests are asked to wear a mask while staying at the hotel.

To avoid the three conditions that facilitate the transmission of infectious diseases
(closed spaces, crowds, and close contact), the following measures have been taken for

checking-in/out procedures.

  • 1. Enough space has been provided to prevent prevent guests lining up in crowded conditions.

  • 2. A sneezeguard is placed on the front desk to prevent droplet infection between staff and guests.

  • 3. We carefully sanitize and wipe things touched by hand such as ballpoint pens.

  • 4. We are asking guests to settle the bill in advance to avoid crowding at check-out time.

When using the lounge

  • 1. We ask people to leave a safe distance between themselves and others when sitting in the lounge.

  • 2. We thoroughly sanitize tables and chairs after use.

  • 3. Entrance may be restricted depending on the number of people using the lounge.

  • 4. We thoroughly wipe and clean table-top items.

  • 4. The inside of the hotel is well ventilated to reduce the concentration of viral particles in the indoor air.

Request to guests

  • We shall be measuring the body temperature and verifying the identity of people entering the hotel, so we would be grateful for your cooperation. When staying at the hotel, please bring a form of identification (driver’s license, health insurance card, passport, etc.).

  • Please inform the hotel staff if you develop a fever (37.5℃ or higher) or display cold symptoms during your stay.

  • Please avoid places and facilities which have the three conditions that facilitate the transmission of infectious diseases, and please refrain from behavior such as raising your voice.

  • If you display any of the below symptoms, please reschedule your visit with us.

    1.If you have a fever
    (37.5℃ or higher)

    2.If you have cold symptoms

    3.If you have lost your sense of taste

    4.If you have a feeling of fatigue

The body temperatures of all staff coming on-duty are checked

  • to prevent infection among staff

  • Sanitizer is placed near manual doors at the back of the building

  • The service entrance, toilets, employee rest room are thoroughly sanitized