Brand Concept

A hotel where you can enjoy the area in your own way,
in your own typical style

  • Naturally

    In your own way, as you are

  • Ordinarily

    In your own typical style, spend time here as if this is where you live

  • Locally

    Connect with the reality of daily life of the area.

A place to belong, just as you are.

A place where you can be yourself.

A hotel where you can reconnect with yourself

A place to get away so you can reconnect with who you really are.
Indulge in an experience utterly unique to this area so that you have time of your own to let your body and mind become one with nature.


* The computer graphics illustrating the anticipated appearance of the completed hotel, the posted images, and the guest room and facility information have all been generated based on architectural drawings from the planning stage. As a result, the actual outcome may differ or involve changes, including in relation to furniture, furnishings, and landscaping.

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